Terms and Conditions



Hereby General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) are made between:

IVANA YAMAN PR TRGOVINA BLACK SWAN BEOGRAD (hereinafter referred to as "BSJ"), having seat at Nova Virska 8, Bolec, Belgrade, Serbia, with tax identification number (PIB) 109255850, having an online store at www.blackswanjewels.com (hereinafter referred to as "Website") with its brand name Black Swan Jewels


any person purchasing a product (hereinafter referred to as the "Client") on the Website  

All orders made by the Client via the Website are unreservedly subject to hereby GTCS.

Hereby GTCS represents all of the reciprocal commitments made by BSJ and the Client who hereby explicitly accepts these terms.


The Client may select one or several products among various categories of products which are offered on the Website.

The Client acknowledges that the contents of the Website may change and BSJ reserves the right to modify the assortment of products that are offered on the Website at any moment, without prejudice to the orders made by the Client.

Prior to making an order, the Client may find a description of the core features of the product or products he/she wishes to order on the Website.


The offered products and their prices are valid for as long as they are visible on the Website.

The Client acknowledges and hereby accepts that the product sale price is in EURO. 

If the payment card used by the Client applies a currency different to the one indicated on the invoice, the products’ final sale price will result from the conversion of the price indicated on the invoice into the currency applicable to the Client's payment card using the applicable exchange rate at the time the payment card issuer processes the transaction.

Depending on the country of delivery, difference shipping rates are applied and are shown on the Website at the final checkout. Unless otherwise stipulated, the product prices shown on the Website are to be understood as excluding shipping fees.

The final price at the checkout does not include any taxes or duties in relation to the importation to the Client's country of delivery, which may be applicable or not depending on the Client's country of delivery. Under no circumstances, Client acknowledges and agrees that BSJ is not responsible for none of these possible taxes or duties.

All prices that are indicated on the Website includes all taxes applicable in the country of BSJ unless otherwise stipulated and exclude.

The price in the currency shown on the Website at the time the order is confirmed will be accepted as is, unless there is a manifest error.

BSJ reserves the right to change its prices at any moment but undertakes to apply rates in place at the time the Client's order is confirmed, subject to the availability of the products at that date.

The products remain the property of Black Swan Jewels until the Client has paid the price in full. Nevertheless, the risks of loss or damage to the products are transferred to the Client as from the date he/she receives the ordered products.


The products are on offer for as long as they are visible on the Website and while stocks last.

When his/her order is being processed, the Client will be quickly informed by email if the ordered product is not available. The Client will not be invoiced for these products. The order will be automatically cancelled and no bank debit will be made.

Article 5 – ORDERS

Product availability and delivery times are shown on the Website.

Any order made on the Website presumes the explicit acceptance of the present GTCS, without this acceptance being conditional to the Client signing this in writing.

The Client hereby declares that he/she is fully aware of all of the information provided and the recorded confirmation consists of proof of the transaction. The order confirmation is deemed to be a signature and acceptation of the transactions carried out.

The Client undertakes to ensure that the information provided when making an order is complete, accurate and up to date. Otherwise, BSJ reserves the right to purely and simply cancel the order.

The order may be sent to a delivery address different to the billing address.

Orders are binding to a Client once the latter has confirmed payment by clicking on "Complete Order".

After receiving an order, BSJ will send the Client confirmation of the order by email including a summary of the order, the order number and will then complete the confirmation of the order by sending an order confirmation email. These emails will be sent to the address provided when opening the customer account.

BSJ reserves the right not to register a payment and not to confirm an order for any legitimate reason, particularly in the event of a supply problem and difficulties regarding the order received. BSJ will inform the Client for the reasons for the non-confirmation of his/her order.

Article 6 – RETURNS

The Client has the right to return the products purchased within 14 days upon the date of order without giving additional reason. In this case, the Client shall bear the costs of returning the goods to BSJ's official address without any physical damage done to the product and with its original packaging. Upon receiving the products, BSJ shall return the price of the order to the Client.

Article 7 – DISPUTES

This GTCS shall be interpreted under the law of Serbia and all disputes arising out of or in connection with hereby GTCS shall be finally settled at Serbian Courts where the language of the court shall be Serbian.